Hadoop Quick Start

Hadoop Quick Start

By wwarby

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We speak the same language in Asia and at the same time zone as yours!
The Hadoop Quick Start enables you to implement Hadoop Big Data project quickly and in the easiest way to handle mission critical big data business requirements:

  • 20-node
  • Hadoop cluster setup, turning, and deployment
  • Asia Time zone support
  • English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese Support
  • 2 administrator training seats
  • 2 Hive/Sqoop/Flume training seats
  • 8 x 5 support, 1 business day response, 6-month term
  • Special discount to ETL, analytic and big data consulting services

Once your Hadoop Big Data platform is ready, you will be able to load your both structured and unstructured data into Hadoop immediately, and start your analytic project. More important, you can scale your Hadoop platform without limit.


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